Do you want to further improve your boat handling skills to handle your own boat or a chartered one while on vacation? Do you want to learn the navigation basics, or put to test your practical knowledge and operational abilities? Do you want to master unexpected situations, during different weather conditions? You may be passionate about the sea, but your experience and level of knowledge is not sufficient?

The purpose of the “Skipper training” program is to implement the navigation training in the timeframe that suits you best. Practical lessons will give you the opportunity to learn the navigation basics, the main duties of the boat captain, the responsibilities and necessary skills. You will familiarize with the different parts of the vessel, you will learn to maneuver, enter and exit the port, to use anchors and instruments, to read nautical maps and the navigation basics during the day or night.

Some of the most important and necessary information of maritime law, meteorology, safety on board, and what exactly should be done in the case of man overboard will be tackled. These and many other situations related to boat handling are extremely important when chartering a boat from a charter company. Our courses are tailored according to your knowledge level, to the number of participants and the timeframe available. We understand that you are on vacation, therefore we will work within the available timeframe.

We provide training courses directly on the boats that we charter, enabling you to get acquainted with the boats that you may later rent for your private needs.

The prices are provided upon request, based on the specific wishes of our clients (including the desired length of the vessel and the number of participants).